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Right now your personal data is scattered across the internet, locked inside the apps and social networking sites you use.

But with, you can finally get all of that data in one place — and do amazing things with it. Easily build your API from a wide variety of social networks and applications (lots more coming soon!)


Explore stunning tools and visualizations to enrich your online self Wish you had an app that would correlate your FourSquare and Instagram data? Or your Fitbit and Nike+ data? Suggest it to a community of developers (coming soon) Empower yourself to make informed decisions about your internet use: access your metadata, geotags, and the info about you that sites track and use (coming soon!)


Build off our API to help people make use of their personal data Upload your cool tools to our ecosystem (coming soon) Discover what people want to learn/see/do with their data We invite developers to get their hands dirty with our data — send us what you build and we can include your app in our upcoming StartupBus pitch on Wednesday, March 4.